An Office Manager Role is a great way to start a Career in Management

A career in office management can be the ideal job for anyone who enjoys working in a fast paced professional environment and is looking for a way into a career in management.

So what does an office manager do? Office managers are usually responsible for performing a diverse range of administrative tasks, and managing others who are performing those tasks too.

What does it take to be a good office manager? To be an effective office manager, you will be required to perform your duties both accurately and decisively. Even more important than that, you will be required to manage others to ensure they are working effectively.Image result for An Office Manager Role Is a great way to start a Career in Management

What does an Office Manager Job Involve?

Office managers are responsible for a wide range of administrative, clerical, management and financial tasks that are involved in running an efficient office. One of the great things about being an office manager is the diverse range of tasks you will be called on to perform, depending on the size, nature and function of the organisation you’re working for. Common tasks that an office manager is regularly required to do include:

  • Arranging meetings
  • Making appointments
  • Typing and clerical work
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Ordering office stationary and even the office furniture
  • Dealing with messages, queries and complaints
  • Creating and editing business documents
  • Managing other office staff
  • Managing the office budget
  • Co-ordinating staff, suppliers and clients
  • Operating and managing office systems
  • Inducting new employees
  • Using office software programs
  • Staff recruitment and appraisals

Office Manager Courses and Training

As with any professional career, previous and related experience can be highly beneficial when entering into a career in office management. Past experience in an office-based role, clerical role or commercial work experience can be invaluable. However, an exciting and rewarding career in office management is more accessible than ever with the range and diversity of the courses and training programmes available today. Fast track courses which are accredited, such as CPD accredited office manager courses in London by Souters, offer a fast and effective route to a lucrative new career.

Key Skills needed to be an Office Manager

To be an effective office manager, you will need to call on a range of professional, business and personal skills. Typically, these skills are required to excel in a career as an office manager:

  • Being reliable and organised
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Proficient IT skills – particularly using common office software
  • Proactive problem solving approach
  • Flexibility and adaptability – above all other skills