Antilog Vacations Bhutan Review

I visited the Taj Tashi with my wife recently. The resort had sent its cab for our pick up from the airport and hence our journey started on the right note. Antilog Vacations had planned our bookings in the Samten Lam area in Chubachu near Thimphu and had ensured a hassle free trip.

Set in Thimphu Valley, the royal Taj retreat coupled with its manager, Mr. Rinzen is an innovative individual and he really helped us with planning our travels.2

The resort is located at a prime place as far as the valley is concerned and we enjoyed the lovely view from our rooms. The room service was steady without being fantastic, as is expected from hotels of these categories. The food we ordered also fluctuated over the two days we were there. One day it was really good whereas the second day it left a lot to be desired. The buffets however were quite well planned and were something which the chefs had worked on.

The pool located inside the hotel is quiet nice and me and my wife had a nice time in it. The Jiva Spa was a rejuvenating experience and a thai massage amidst the serene Tibetan valley was a memory to cherish. The spa massages available at the resort thus are quite de-stressing and relaxing and something to look forward to if you stay here.

Some customers had some issues with high taxes being charged but I personally thought the resort aligned to the budget I had planned. Moreover we were given a complimentary breakfast which was really kind of the manager and something which we enjoyed. All in all had a good experience but looking forward to an even improved performance from the crew the next time we visit here. In case of tour management, I am well satisfied with Antilog Vacations services. You must go through Antilog Vacations Review and Antilog Vacations Reviews for your better experience.