Safe Energy Efficient Control System For Life Science Facilities

Healthcare facilities consist of surgery centers, teaching, and research hospitals. The major objective of all healthcare facility is to ensure patients safety whilst providing quality care and treatment. In the process of ensuring and maintain high quality care and treatment for patients, they also do have to consider the high cost of energy and maintenance. In order to meet the demands of these healthcare facilities spaces, sustainable design is key. A reliable control system designed for life science facilities guarantees a reliable, safe and energy efficient airflow control, while ensuring a more secured environment for patients and health workers. This system helps maintain critical room airflow balance.

Healthcare facilities need proper ventilation to ensure a safe, comfortable and more energy efficient environment for occupants. Life sciences facilities more especially use up substantial amount of energy in a bid to provide all areas within the facility with quality, fresh air ventilation. It is very important that labs should have clean air in them at al times. Most times, facility managers often calculate approximately a lower, fixed air exchange to save energy regardless of the lab’s condition. Phoenix Controls provides one of the best solutions when it comes to control system for life science facilities. The system is designed to monitor critical indoor parameters and make necessary adjustment for purification should the air be polluted at some point.


Animal Rooms

Animal room is a place where scientific research is conducted on animals. In order to make the environment and convenient for successful scientific researchers, there is need to have a reliable, energy efficient airflow control systems. Successful scientific research can be associated with great ventilation and climate control, thus making the environment conducive and stable for research works

Open labs

A conducive environment is key to ensure the best result for scientists performing open bench lab research. Proper ventilation and a stable working environment is one of the factors that guarantees safety and quality and research results.

What control system for life science facilities offers

All healthcare facilities must have a clean, reliable and flexible environment where researches can carry out their research work diligently. Due to the delicate nature of the research works performed within the facility, air flow control system for life science facilities ensures that the perfect operating conditions are being met. Control system for life sciences offers the following:

  • regulate room temperature and humidity for quality research works
  • accurate, and ideal pressure control
  • offers a conducive, safe environment for both patients and research staff
  • improved user experience
  • reduce energy consumption in laboratory space
  • cost of maintenance is minimal

While no building is considered perfect, ensure to incorporate great designs that will meet your specific requirement as much as possible. as life science facilities become more complex these days, it is essential to have the latest technology, and innovation when it comes to installing airflow control systems. The most important aspect of control system is controlling air flow through enclosures.