Heath Benefits Of Dogs For Older Adults – Know These If You Are at This Age


All of us got an idea of how having a dog, or any pet, can help us enjoy life. They are these furry creatures that bring joy and comfort whenever we feel lonely. Those adorable puppy eye looks that meltsthe heart, and surely encourage you to stop what you are doing.

Ask a North Ryde animal hospital and he will tell you that dogs are the best pet companions.They provide comfort and several benefits to everyone most especially to the elderly. Here are some undeniable benefits of dogs for older adults:

Keep you Socially Active

Old people tend to have a hard time maintaining their social network because of their age, but owning a dog, elderly got a chance to build a new connection. Bymeeting up with other dog owners or joining groups, they got a chance to be more active in club activities and events.

Vitality Boosters

Growing old comes with different challenges, from a change of diet to a sudden change of lifestyle.There’ll be things that you enjoyed, that you won’t be able to do anymore.But by having a dog, there’ll new exciting ways to have fun. Elderly can play fetch with their dogs which does not require lots of energy.They can even teach them tricks which requires their elderly instincts. This helps to boost their energy and immune system by staying active and happy.

Provides Relief 2

Several conducted studies prove that petting a dog is a quick way to manage stress. It provides comfort and releases negative energy in the body.By spending time with these furry animals, they receive a relaxing sensation which relieves stress.This can also result to lower cholesterol and blood pressure which is the common issues being faced by the older adults.

Physiological Benefits

Research shows that older adults who have a dog have a more active and healthy lifestyle. Pets require proper feeding and watering. They also need proper grooming, well everybody does. Dogs love spending time outside which is beneficial to the elderly. Walking and running will always be included on your dog’s daily schedule which encourage lots of movements to pet owners. Being said that, this tasks serves as a daily routine exercise for the elderly. Plus, it promotes a well maintained lifestyle and gives them less time to feeling bored and lonely. In return, we must find time in taking care of our pets. It must include feeding them or even helping them avoid paralysis tick symptoms after removal.

Psychological Benefits

Having a dog means having a loyal companion. It delivers a sense of security. It also encourages involving in activities and social interactions which helps to lessen the feeling of loneliness and isolation.Older adults seek the importance of being needed. By having a pet, they tend to show a sense of responsibility. Enough reason not to be devastated about being old.

Help in their Recovery

Institutions claimed that allowing patients to have a pet companion boost their recovery. This is because it helps them maintain a positive outlook in life and provide comfort. It is similar to elder peoplewho are recovering some sickness- dogs are a great source of laughter. These creatures also give them the urge to take better care of themselves.