Two Incredible Tapes to Tackle Any Task

Hadleigh Enterprises Ltd has over 40 years of experience, which makes them industry experts. What can they offer you? Virtually any adhesive tape for every business and commercial application. They are a leading UK converter and distributor of self-adhesive materials. Some of the tapes that they offer are so strong (Very High Bonding Tape) that they can eliminate the need for screws, nails and other fixtures. They also have an extensive selection of Masking Tapes, for both delicate uses and tougher applications. What makes their Very High Bonding Tape and Masking Tape so special?

Very High Bonding Tape

Hadleigh Enterprises Ltd’s Very High Bonding Tape has incredible, ultra-high bonding strength. This double sided acrylic bonding tape is clear and comes in variable thicknesses, including 0.25mm to 1mm measurements. Just how strong is this tape? It can be used in place of traditional fixings such as nails, screws, rivets and can permanently fasten many different products. Many industries use Very High Bonding Tape, for example, the automobile, electronic and construction sectors.Image result for Very High Bonding Tape

This versatile tapes bonds to most high surface energy substrates, including glass, plastics and metal. Do you need to quickly attach a product? As well as being easy to use and apply, it actually bonds in seconds, allowing you to get on with your work. Another benefit of this tape is that it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. What if it is exposed to high temperatures? It is able to withstand these high temperatures without affecting its performance.

Masking Tape

Do you require a Low Tack Masking Tape? What if you need to mask over a large area? Hadleigh Enterprises Ltd have an impressive range of Masking Tapes for every conceivable application.

Some jobs require a low level of adhesion, due to the sensitivity of the surface. Low Tack Masking Tape is perfect for delicate surfaces such as paint masking, stationary, art and craft products and so on. Always test the application of this tape, prior to using it on any product. It has an excellent resistance to solvents and is easy to tear. It comes in a wide range of sizes and can be used in most painting applications. To get the best out of the Low Masking Tape product, it is recommended that you remove it within three hours.

What if you need to mask a large area and protect any furniture or other items, at the same time? Their Easy Cover Masking Tape is exactly what you need to get the job done. This combination of an HDPE film and a slightly creped adhesive paper tape, can quickly cover and protect any area. It is resistant to water-based paint and is simple to remove after you have finished the project. Does it leave any residues when you remove it? No. It leaves a clean, unspoilt surface, giving you complete peace of mind.

These are just two examples of the high quality tapes that Hadleigh Enterprises Ltd have to offer you. To find out more information about their extensive range of adhesive tapes, please contact them on their website today.